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Chabad of Nepal

Thousands of jewish backpackers roam the mountains of Nepal annually, on a physical and spiritual journey.

For over 15 years - and counting! - Chabad of Nepal strives to provide a warm jewish home for all, with a permanent center in Kathmandu opened year-round and a seasonal center in Pokhara operating during high season.

Tens of thousands of jewish people who've walked through our doors still keep a warm place in their heart for Chabad of Nepal which throughout the years has become from the most popular Chabad Houses in the world!!

Located at the heart of the touristic Thamel neighborhood of Kathmandu, Chabad of Kathmandu offers:

  • Two Kosher restaurants, "Glattmandu" - a meat restaurant and "Milkasher" - a dairy restaurant.

  • A synagogue with minyanim on Shabbat, and when possible on weekdays as well.

  • Library with hebrew and english books which can either be read at the chabad house, or be exchanged for a personal one.

  • Daily Torah classes.

  • Friday night, Shabbat day and holiday festive meals.

  • Emergency/rescue services - please call Rabbi Chezki Lifshitz at any time +977-980-300-2466.


Our address is: Chabad of Kathmandu, Nepal - Opposite Marshiangdy Hotel - Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal
Our phone number: +

We are located 20 mins from Kathmandu International Airport.

If you're visiting us soon, we're looking forward to your visit!


Rabbi Chezki and Chani Lifshitz
Head Shluchim to Nepal
Directors of Chabad of Nepal


P.S. Chabad of Nepal doesn't receive any major funding from any organization.
It relies purely on donations from good people like you.

To donate, please click here.

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